Dhammawijaya Pre-School

It was started in 1990 with the objective of forming pre school children with good human qualities having mutual understanding. The staff of this pre-school was trained by the Dharmawijaya Foundation in Colombo.

These students enjoy in learning the first steps of some of the normal school subjects such as language, simple environmental study, skill development practice, sports and art work.

The students normally attend the Seela programme (Observing eight religious precepts) held on each preceding day of the full moon of the month. With the view of training them into the society and to develop good and healthy social attitudes they attend annual programmes which are religious as well as social.

These are the following activities they perform:

- New Year celebrating festival.
- Trips arranged to visit places of religious and cultural importance.
- Exhibition of students work normally held in October.
- A verity entertainment at the end of the year.

The students after their one year study course are eligible to gain admission into popular schools in the district. The foundation they get from the pre school help to a successful school life.

The teaching staff of the school consists of the members - Ms Margaret Perera (Dip in education- Open University), Seelawathi Rajapaksha, S. Karunarathne, Nillegoda and Disna Ranjani.