Ambuluwawa Meditation Centre

Sri Subodha Meditation Centre is located in the hill country of Sri Lanka, surrounded by the green misty mountains creating the serene Valley, Ambuluwawa. This valley is located in Gampola, about 8km from the town of Peradeniya. The location is surrounded by natural water streams, fruit plantations and natural green vegetation. The climate is cool and pleasantly refreshing throughout the year.

The centre is a perfect retreat for those who want to meditate and study the Buddhist teachings in a modern, yet serene environment. Accommodation is available for up to 20 participants at any given time and is suitable for both male and female participants. Stay periods range from short stays to up to 20 days with all vegetarian meals provided by the centre. During certain times of the year, meditation retreats will be organized and will be available for the participants. The program caters for a wide range of interests which includes meditation in both Samatha and Vipassana traditions, Dharma discussions, personal counseling sessions as well as more traditional Pali chanting and the undertaking of Sinhalese Theravada Buddhist rituals.

Places are open to people with varying degrees of experience with meditation and retreats, such as this. It is highly recommended that foreign visitors purchase travel insurance for the duration of their stay in Sri Lanka. Whilst participation and accommodation at the centre is free to the public, we do appreciate any donations made, in order to continue providing the services and maintain the centre to its highest standard. Participation in the entire programs are being sponsored through voluntary donations.

For further information, please contact :

Most Venerable Wattegama Dhammawasa Nayaka Thero,
Director & President Sri Subodha Retreat Centre, Sangha Nayake of Australia
Chief Incumbent and Director,
Sri Subodharama Buddhist Centre, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.

Tel - 0094 81 2 38 80 80 / 0094 81 2 38 46 46
Fax - 0094 81 2 38 75 68

Or to make a booking or for further information, please contact:

Ven. Nadimale Sudhamma Mehenin
Vice President, (Residing Nun)
Sri Subodha International Retreat Centre
Wattekade, Gamplola, Ambuluwawa, Sri Lanka.

Tel - (+94) 81 4915917
Mobile - O77 341 45 86

Example of Daily Schedule at Sri Subodha Retreat Centre

(Observation of the Eight Precepts of Dharma is required prior to Participation at the Centre.)

04:30 am : Waking up, Morning tea
05:00 am : Group/individual Meditation
06:00 am : Buddha Offerings and Morning Chanting
07:00 am : Dana/Breakfast
08:00 am : Walking Meditation / Morning Tea
09:00 am : Group (Sitting) Meditation

10:00 am : Walking and Sitting Meditation / Dhamma Discussion
11:00 am : Buddha Offerings/Chanting
11:15 am : Dana/Lunch
3:00 pm : Group Meditation
4:00 pm : Walking Meditation/Afternoon tea
5:00 pm : Evening Chanting/Meditation

This is the normal program scheduled for resident yogis. However during Retreat time meditation program would change according to the meditation master's wish. Prior to participation, please complete the following form and e-mail it to or post it to Ven. Nadimale Sudhamma Mehenin, Via-Sri Subodharama International Buddhist Centre, Peradeniya Sri Lanka.

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Whilst the level of activity will be low during your stay, participants are expected to be in reasonably good health. Those over 70 will require a medical certificate from their doctor and prior approval from the Nayaka Thero. Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities to provide retreats to those with disabilities, at this stage.