Sri Subodha Foundation

Subodha foundation helps people in various ways such as:

- Providing free pre school facilities
- Donating scholarships for students in need
- Helping people who are victims of natural disaster

The foundation is interested in early education and child development as it supplies a fully equipped Sri Subodharama pre-school for free education. The general scholarship fund help high flyers with financial difficulties with monetary grants for 4 years to complete the secondary or tertiary education and to realize their dreams.

The most prominent social welfare service is the aiding programme for Tsunami victims. No sooner the Tsunami disaster took place on December 2005 relief parties were sent to Hambantota area and action was taken to provide the victims with food items, clothing and other things needed immediately.

Having considered the very grave situation that the Tsunami victims were placed in; the SSBC decided to launch a housing project for the people rendered homeless. As a result of this decision the SSBC could build 25 houses at Siribopura in Hambantota and settle 25 families.

In order to continue this housing program the SSBC thought to build some more houses and two projects were launched at Hikkaduwa and Galle. 75 houses are under construction which will be completed by September of this year (2011).

Action has also been taken to establish separate Scholarship Fund to help those children who are affected by the tsunami. The SSBC thank all the donators who helped in this gigantic task.