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Among all the Buddhist monasteries in Sri Lanka Sri Subodharama Buddhist Center and monastery is outstanding because of the exemplary and simple lives monks lead and their concern towards people in need. All the services performed by this Buddhist centre are supported by generous donations. Anyone who likes to take part in this Dhamma Mission is welcome to get in touch with us. Your monetary contributions could be directed to the address given above or Cheques could be drawn in favor of Sri Subodharama Sasana Seva Society. Bank account No: 0-002486-0, Bank of Ceylon, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.

Sri Subodharama
International Buddhist Centre,

Eriyagama, Peradeniya 20400,
Sri Lanka.
P: +94 81 238 80 80 / +94 81 238 46 46 F: +94 81 238 75 68 E: